2018 City of Franklin Property Assessment Search

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Parcel Id

Parcel Id:
To search by Parcel ID, enter the 10 digit parcel number leaving a space after the 3rd and 7th digits (example: 880 0100 000).

Street Address

Property Number Direction Street Name Street Type Apt/Suite
To search by by address enter in all the information you know. If you do not know the full address enter in what you know for sure. A list of properties that match the information you entered will be returned. In example, if you enter Drexel for the Street Name and Avenue for the Street Type, all the address on Drexel Ave will be displayed.

Advanced Criteria

Year Built (Min/Max): (e.g. 1995)
Total Square Footage (Min/Max): (e.g. 2200)
Sale Year (Min/Max): (e.g. 1995)
Sale Price (Min/Max): (e.g. 250000)
Property Style:
To search by advance criteria, enter any information you would like to restrict the search to. In example, to search for all homes built in or after 1995, enter 1995 for the minimum year built.